Kereru 10 In Action

Wow, I was impressed with the children that presented their Me Bags today. I am really looking forward to the rest of the home base sharing their personal items with us too.


K10 have been thinking hard about the goals that they would like to achieve for 2020. Here are a few examples. 

My goal is to be a better gymnast because I don’t know how to do flips and the rest of my class does. I want to be a better swimmer because I haven’t been to swimming for a while and I want to be safe in the water. I would like to be a better speller because sometimes I spell the whole word wrong. I would also like my handwriting to be neater. Marley

I want to be a better fielder at cricket and help my team out. I want to be better at speaking English with my friends. I want to be able to write words correctly in my writing. Camille

My goal is to get into the boy’s cricket team in term four because I can hit fours and sixes or bowl spin in cricket too. My goal is to do the Weet-Bix Triathlon because I like swimming, biking and running. My goal is to learn how to swim and roll over to breathe because I want to swim to the raft in Kaiteriteri. Sammie

My goal is to become an experienced horse rider and to learn how to groom and take care of horses because I love horses. My second goal is to have neater handwriting because my handwriting is not neat. My third goal is to get better at reading because I want to be able to read longer words in the books I read.  Penelope

I want to be better at my spelling because then I will not ask someone else and I will improve my writing. My goal is to get better at maths and my times tables because then I can challenge my dad. I want to get better at reading because I want to be more confident at reading books. Sherry

Shortly, all children's goals will be displayed in Kereru South accompanied by their PicsArt Photo. The children loved choosing the effect 
they wanted for their portrait.


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