K10s Fifth And Final Week Of Online Learning

Maisey Being Creative With Her Spelling Words And Her Lockdown Essentials  Plus Maisey Celebrating Her Sister's Birthday Marley's Cartoon Drawing And Her Lockdown Essentials Naya's Weekend News And Her Lockdown Essentials Ella's Donut Creation And Handwriting Task Plus Her Lockdown Essentials Aira's Food Truck Design And Grateful Jar Plus Her Lockdown Essentials Danilo's Spelling Definitions, Sloth Facts And His Love Writing Plus His Lockdown Essentials

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the wonderful Mums, Grandmothers and special people in our lives, we wish you a very Happy Day! xxx

We made it to Friday!!

Well done on making it through another week of online learning!  I am so impressed with the hard work, creative ideas, determination and quality work that I have seen coming into me!  The highlight for me is those smiling faces on my screen at 10.30am every morning!💓💓 Libby working hard on her statistics work and spelling words.  Great bar graphs Libby!
Crazy Kyriakos dressed up for Wacky Wednesday with K8!  I loved that zoom meeting!
Look at the beautiful poem Kyriakos copied out for his mum too, what neat handwriting!  I hope you shared it with her!

Scarlett has certainly been enjoying some wonderful science experiments at home!  This cool one is all about the water cycle.  You can see the clouds starting to form in the one on the right.  Hopefully we will get some photos of what it looks like over the weekend too.  I love it Scarlett!  Such wonderful learning happening in your bubble!

And her is her beautiful poem she copied out today!  I love the creative boarder you decorated it wit…

K10's Fabulous Friday

Olive's Facts About Octopuses And Her Spelling Activity Aira's Quiz Lukah's Handwriting Danilo's Statistics Work