More Bird Feeders

More Bird Feeders!
The children had a wonderful time making their bird feeders with their buddy classes a few weeks ago. Here are some photos of the making process. It has been wonderful to see some photos of the finished products hanging up for the birds to enjoy! The birds have certainly gobbled on the bird feeder that I hung up at my place! 
Making our bird feeders with our buddy class


Soccer  The children have been having a great time playing soccer at English Park on Wednesday afternoon! Check out some of these action shots.

Finally the New Playground Is Opened!


Poetry Competition Update

Dear Families

Following today's announcement to remain at level 2, we are still unable to have whānau in our learning spaces. Thank you so much for your support with this.

We are very much looking forward to our homebase competition on Tuesday with a small audience for your child to present their poem to. Certificates will be given to 1st and 2nd place for each year group, as well as the runner ups. 

The finalists will perform their poems to the children in their year group on Thursday at 11:00. Year 3 children will be in the Kererū North 11/12 space and the Year 4 children will be in Kererū 13/14 space. We have independent judges from within the school judging the final. 

Please take time over the weekend to listen to your child recite their poem.

Have a great weekend

Bird Feeders!

We have had a number of requests for our bird feeder recipe. They certainly have been popular and it is fabulous to see some photos of the birds enjoying their winter snack.BIRD FEEDERMixture·  Mix one cup of flour with water (adding a little water at a time) until it has a PVA glue consistency. ·  Add 3 cups of bird seed·  Mix wellMoulds·  Grab a disposable cup.·  Place a straw in the middle of the cup. If you don’t have straws, you can also make a hole through the middle with a pen or similar at the end·  Place the mixture around the straw.·  Leave to set overnight·  Remove the cup once set and then thread some string through the hole made by the straw. ·  Hang up and enjoy.

Cameron's Bird Feeder

Ella's Bird Feeder

Matariki STAR Day 2020

🌟🌟What a wonderful end to a crazy Term 2!  We loved celebrating Matariki - the Maori New Year by dressing up as 'sports stars', 'shinning stars', 'rock stars' or just our gorgeous star selves!  We paraded around our hub with our buddies classes - Pukeko 5 and 6, we created special star baskets with our little buddies over the week, and we completed a whole school star hunt on Friday, resulting in some special treasure delivered to our baskets!🌟🌟