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The Last of K10's Me Bags

Wow, I have been incredibly proud of all the children in K10 for sharing their Me Bags in front of their peers. Children can sometimes be very nervous talking in front of a big group, but you all gave it a go with confidence. I am really looking forward to you sharing more current events and news throughout the year.

Canterbury Rugby Fun Session for Kererū 8

We ended the week with a fantastic session run by Canterbury Rugby on Friday.  The children completed obstacle courses and some great games.  It was HOT but so wonderful to see the children working in teams and cheering each other on!!  We especially enjoyed the cold ice block we were treated to at the end!!  A note with more details about involvement in rugby outside of school will be coming home next week.  

More About Us!

We had some amazing 'Me' bags to end the week last week!  It has been so lovely to see the children's treasures, some from when they were in mums tummy, to sporting interests, favourite books, photos of very loved pets and families!  We have another week of listening and learning to do on the last few children in our class.

K10's Me Bags and Canterbury Rugby

I have been so impressed with all the children that have presented their Me Bags to the class. We have certainly learnt a lot about each others interests and family.

What a wonderful way to end the week with having Kids Canterbury Rugby come and entice us with a few games and the love of the sport!

All About Us!

What a wonderful start to our 'All About Me' bags this week!  The children have spoken with confidence and delight when sharing their special items and treasures and it has been so lovely to learn a little bit more about each child and their families!
I started the ball rolling by sharing some of my own personal treasures and photos.